What Therapy Is Like With Me

I don't have a "formula" for doing therapy. Instead, I see my role as going with you wherever you need to go. At times, you may need to talk about very painful experiences and just have me listen. At times you may need me to collaborate and brainstorm to solve a specific problem.

I trust that you have the wisdom and ability to find your own answers. My job is to ask the right questions and provide feedback so you can see your life and your choices more clearly. My ability to see you with compassion can help you find compassion for yourself. And this is what true healing entails.

How Long Does Therapy Take...

There's no set rule about the length of therapy. Each of us has different needs at different times of life. You may want to solve a specific problem in a limited time. Or you may want to delve deeply into your life experiences without any set agenda. Again, it's my job to match your needs.

For more information on my professional background, you can go to my Biography page and find out more on my specialties and fees.

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