Substance abuse/addiction

Are you worried about your drinking or drug use? Do you find it harder to control? Have you tried to quit without success? Therapy provides a safe place to understand the roots of your addiction and get the support you need to stop - whether through 12-Steps or finding another process that makes sense for you.

I think I might have a problem

Substance abuse can creep up on you. It usually starts out as an innocent way to relax, loosen up, have fun or find relief from pain. Then gradually you find yourself drinking more or taking more medication to get the same effect. You may see your drinking or substance use getting out of hand. It may me that you…

  • Drink a lot - maybe even saying "I'll only have 2-3 drinks, but always going over the limit
  • Take more prescription pain meds than your supposed to. That you needing more and more frequent refills or have to switch doctors to get new prescriptions.
  • Have passed out or woken up unable to remember what you did while drinking
  • Have one or more DUIs
  • Need a drink or a pill to get through the day
  • Keep hearing someone else say you have a problem

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How did I let this happen?

When we turn to alcohol and drugs, it's because they do provide relief of some sort. They may be the only way we know how to de-stress, to get through difficult times, to feel comfortable in social situations. But when you become addicted, things turn south. The negatives begin to outweigh the positives.

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How can therapy help?

If this is happening to you, then you may need a safe, non-judgmental place to look at how substances are affecting your life. It's important to spend time with someone who doesn’t' have an agenda and isn't going to push AA on you.

My goal is to help you identify what's not working in your life and then find the best options for YOU to find balance, health and wholeness. I'm happy to support 12-step work, but I don't see that as the only way, and I can tell you about some of the lesser known alternatives to AA. If you decide to try a support group, I can help you find your way within the group - so you don't have to go against your personal beliefs or feel exploited or judged by group members.

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For more information or to book a session,
contact Heather Marchman, Marriage and Family Therapist.

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