Welcome, if you are here you may be struggling with:

Marital problems - infidelity, divorce or separation, conflicts about parenting...

Difficulty with a life transition - midlife crisis, starting a family, launching your kids, job change, moving...

Parenting challenges - helping to guide your teenager to become a respectful and responsible young adult

Resolving childhood trauma or abuse - understanding how your past impacts your life, letting go of old beliefs that don't work, finding strength and support to move forward

Substance Abuse/Addiction - finding a way to cope with life's stressors without having turn to drinking or drugs and finding a way that feels right for you

Codependency - learning to take great care of yourself, managing the anxiety that makes you feel like you have to be in control or manage other people's lives

Depression or Anxiety - Feeling stuck, scared, blah, empty or just "not good enough"

Feeling Like Something's just "off" - many of us pursue a career, a family, a lifestyle based on who we were in our twenties - or who we were expected to be, and later we realize that the life we've created just isn't who we really are.

For more information or to book a session,
contact Heather Marchman, Marriage and Family Therapist.

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