• Have you been feeling sad, out of sorts or just "blah" lately?
  • Are you having a hard time sleeping (or sleeping all the time)?
  • Does it feel like life if just dull - even the things you used to love?
  • Are you feeling irritable, like your fuse is shorter than normal?

These are some of the signs of depression. Most people go through periods of depression at one time or another. There can be a specific cause, like the loss of a loved one or a significant life change. Or depression can come on unexpectedly - the result of anything from physiological/hormonal changes to old traumas surfacing after many years.

Many people think they can just ignore depression, and it will go away. But depression can linger, disrupting work, relationships, and casting a dark shadow over your life.

Therapy is extremely useful with depression. Just having a quiet place to talk and reflect can help you understand your feelings and sort things out. I work with my clients to co-create a recovery plan that is empowering and collaborative.

Together we examine the ways you've been thinking about your life to see how your thoughts may be creating feelings of sadness or hopelessness. Often, changing your thinking can provide huge relief.

I consider you to be the expert and authority on your healing. I offer an array of techniques that help ease depression, and you can determine which ones are right for you. These may include:

  • Assessment and referral to an MD for medication
  • Increasing your support system
  • EFT - An energy-based technique that helps release emotional blocks
  • Cognitive-Behavioral therapy to change negative thought patterns and beliefs
  • Traditional talk therapy to gain insight, self-awareness and increase your self-care skills