From time to time, I plan on writing short articles about various topics related to the Human psyche.  These articles may shed some insight and spark some dialogue for some of you.  Please feel free to respond with your viewpoints via my contact page!

“Educating Your Teen About Unprotected Sex: An Interview with Therapist Heather Marchman LMFT”

Are you unsure on how to go about in educating your teen about unprotected sex? Are you afraid how your teen may react if you approach him or her about the topic of sex? If so you're not alone. Many parents feel nervous and a bit awkward about talking with their teen about unprotected sex. To help understand common mistakes parents make when it comes to their teen and sex and how a parent can educate their teen about unprotected sex, I have interviewed therapist Heather Marchman LMFT.

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“Re-Igniting The Spark In Your Relationship: How To Overcome Being In Auto-Pilot With Each Other”

Let’s face it, when you have been with someone over time, there is definitely a shift in the dynamics of the relationship. We all know about the honeymoon stage of lust and undue attraction…

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“Dating From A Female Therapist’s Perspective”

This topic is quite hot especially with the current release of the movie “Sex In The City”. Recently I was asked to come up with dating tips for women that are suddenly single in their 40s and 50s…

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