• Do you find it hard to sleep at night?
  • Are you always worrying about the future, wondering "what if?
  • Do you feel stuck in the past, ruminating about events and conversations, kicking yourself for what you "should" have said or done?

These are some of the signs of anxiety. The feeling of anxiety can be so uncomfortable that you find yourself drinking more than you should, feeling stressed out, losing your patience or temper inappropriately. You may be feeling anxious about money, work, retirement, or the future. Or you may simply be feeling overwhelmed by your current responsibilities.

Anxiety can sneak up on you. Little by little you take on more and more, not even realizing you are burning out. Or it can come suddenly with a life changing event - a loss of work or income, death or divorce, moving. Anxiety can even result from physiological or hormonal changes.

Because anxiety has so many possible sources and each of us experiences anxiety differently, I always work closely with my clients to develop a recovery plan that works for them. This may include:

  • Assessment and referral to an MD for medication
  • Stress reduction training/skill building
  • EFT - An energy-based technique that helps release emotional blocks
  • Cognitive-Behavioral therapy to change fear-based thought patterns and beliefs
  • Traditional talk therapy to gain insight, self-awareness and increase your self-care skills

For more information or to book a session,
contact Heather Marchman, Marriage and Family Therapist.

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